In the Food Tech Campus members play the leading role. Start-ups from the food and food tech sector find their home here. They can exchange ideas and learn from each other with other start-ups and with the experts from the Food Academy. In this way, they help shape the future of tomorrow's food retailing.


Hangover Control

Hangover Control is a natural dietary supplement designed specifically for healthy, active adults. Hangover Control helps alleviate hangover symptoms after a party or party night.

70km Sandwich

To offer crispy and delicious baguette sandwiches with ingredients from local producers.


Alvego stands for ALgae, VEgan, to GO. We produce and design convenient macro-algae foods. Alvego’s core competency lies in the processing of the red macro algae Palmaria Palmata.

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With clever production and valuable organic ingredients, I-DO has simply reinvented what juice can do.

I-DO is delivered chilled to the home or directly to the office and can be found in numerous organic markets and selected supermarkets.
Thanks to the I-DO raw food quality, the juices can also be used for an organic juice cure.

BBQ Fürsten

The bratwurst for the lord in you.

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Beeskin is a reusable and sustainable alternative for plastic foil. We want to free Europe from plastic foil.

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Super delicious smoothies prepared in just one minute and made from 100% natural, plant-based ingredients.

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Berlin Wine School

A wine, spirits and sake education company. We offer courses and events for consumers and professionals.

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BITHOUSEGROUP is a global technology and startup scouting company.

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Blipstream is a developer for Queue Management Systems.

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Bold Foods

Bold Foods serves the revolution on the plate.
The future is our present and innovation our norm.

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Bone Brox

It's like Grandma's bouillon:
Cooked for 18 hours
Bones of organic beef , chickens and wild
Honest, handcrafted
100% Made in Germany

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Bottle Rocket



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Brewers Tribute

Young and innovative craft beers made in Berlin-Marzahn

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The online supermarket for Berlin and Munich. We bring your food home.

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Our mission is to restore health, strength and vitality by bringing the prehistorically most nutritious foods back into the modern age.


High quality tea blends to help you reach your individual goals quickly.

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The online platform that gives everyday objects a digital interface quickly and easily.

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DOC Weingart

We are producer of an alternative to regular energy drinks, natural caffeine mixed with 8 vitamins and vegan nutrition based on peas.

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Dr & Dr

Dr & Dr is a Middle Eastern Culture and Food Lab, which presents the fascinating finesses of the food and culture of the Middle East in a new format.

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Easy Cook Asia

We are the Meal kit provider specialized in Asian cuisine. Our authentic Asian Meal-kit provides the prepped ingredients with simple recipes (15min cooking) and the story of the food. We want more people to enjoy tasty Asian food at home as well as easy & fun cooking experience.

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eat Performance

Pure Paleo Power! All our products are gluten and lactose free, with no added sugar and 100% organic. Handmade in our own manufactory in Berlin.

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Enjoy pasta without a guilty conscience!
Our pasta made from 100% organic beans convinces with the perfect balance of high-quality proteins and complex carbohydrates. It also contains a lot of fibre, which will keep you satisfied for an extra long time.Our Motto: Eat better not less!

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Our mission is to improve products with sensor skins.

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Energy Labs

Energy Labs builds energy-saving technology. We optimize energy supply and voltage levels in retail buildings, saving 5 to 13% of energy consumption.

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Essential Eight

We want to help people achieve a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle with our innovative soft drink.


Every develops healthy shock frozen bowls in close collaboration with leading food experts (e.g. bloggers) and markets them direct-to-consumer.

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Our mission: rediscover fermentation! Learn everything you need to know to make Kombucha, Kefir and more.

FitBy Nutrition

A healthy lifestyle, but you don't want to give up your beloved pizza? No problem! The company FitBy Nutrition produces food with the focus: low-carb, protein-rich, low-calorie and vegan. The first product is a low-carb pizza baking mix.

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We provide the platform to connect emerging and LEH products quickly and easily.

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Fröccs Weinschorle

Fresh, Fröccs, happy, free. The white wine spritzer with lively attitude, fruity aromas and the perfect mixing ratio.

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The online store for fructose-free foods from the experts for fructose-free diet.

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Go Sake

We are finally bringing Japanese Sake to you. It is now available to taste the traditional mixture in a new trendy way. Gō 合 Sake connects the wonderful culture of Japan with the world.

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We want to show with our colorful brands that healthy is also fun for children to eat better.

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All our liquors are - NO ADDED SUGAR

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Hansel is a mobile app for augmented reality. The next step in indoor navigation.


The first clean, fair organic refreshment drink without sugar.

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The innovative and sustainable nut cream machine from the Allgäu.

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How I Like

Smart refrigerator for the workplace.

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Hummingbird Breakfast

Natural breakfast products that are quick and easy to prepare and delivered home.

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Hungry Ventures

Hungry Ventures is Next-Gen Company Builder & Driving Force for Startups, Corporates & FoodTech

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Herzhaft, würzig & 100% pflanzlich. Unter dem Namen iFood haben wir einzigartige Rezepte für eine Vielzahl von ernährungsphysiologisch ausgewogenen Mahlzeiten entwickelt, die mit reichhaltigen Zutaten und natürlichen Aromen verfeinert sind.

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INOVA Protein

INOVA Protein produces mealworms under a high degree of automation and processes them into insect meal. The protein-rich mealworms are to be used primarily for animal feed and secondarily for the humane diet.

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Nutrient-rich, sustainable and powerful. With INSNACK fitness nutrition we offer you a delicious and incredibly healthy protein alternative.

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Invision Signage

The world's thinnest digital signage solution.

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Karl Karlo

The round energy kick for in between, less sweet and with the perfect crunch.

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KNUT HANSEN DRY GIN: Finest Gin from Hamburg. Regional sourced botanicals, true craftsmanship, lots of love. Cheers!

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Kolonne Null

Kollonne Null is traditionally vinified, but non-alcoholic wine for those who want to give up alcohol but not good taste.

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Laori Drinks

Non-alcoholic gin.

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Little Leaf

Babyfood, so fresh, that it has to be kept in the refrigerated shelf.

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Cold-pressed juices from the Lake Constance region.

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Malandra ist ein Craft Premium-Cachaça, aus Brasilien für Berlin com amor. Frisch, verspielt und voller Überraschungen. Malandra ist 100% nachhaltig und die perfekte Geheimzutaten für einen anspruchsvollen Cocktail. Pur überzeugt der weiche, charakteristische Geschmack. Saúde!

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We produce handmade Asian marinades and dressings based on our family recipes. All products are WITHOUT preservatives, flavor enhancer and other food additives. All products are gluten free. We make sure you get the authentic taste of family and tradition.

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We are a family business with stalls at Christmas markets. Our roasted almonds and nuts from all over the world are particularly popular.

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Naughty. Wild. Wonderful. From the pubs & kitchens of Berlin, our Mexican combines fruity tomato juice & fiery chili peppers. Spread the Love!

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Mibap & Mibar GmbH

The production, distribution and marketing of specialised foodstuffs.


At Mindfuel we create innovative, organic, plant-based foods for individuals with an active lifestyle.

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Mint Engineering

Equipment for the cultivation of microalgae.
Controlled cultivation of guaranteed regional and sustainable products with high quality.

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MiProbes develops smart ink that can detect food contamination.

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MiProbes develops smart ink that can detect food contamination.

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Nabio - We are one of the leading manufacturers in the organic sector.

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NATÜR Food Ventures

We are the NATÜR Food Ventures GmbH from Berlin and we develop healthy convenience snacks and exciting new food concepts.

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Nourit Naturkost

Nourit Naturkost is a young company for unpackaged organic food. We want to counteract a future that conserves resources and is more sustainable by doing without disposable packaging.

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Experience the first tea in the world with alcohol! NOVELTEA is an alcoholic tea blend that brings together the two things that Brits love: tea and alcohol.

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We support you as a flexible, high-performance production partner in the implementation of your idea and support you already during conception and development.

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O'Donnell Moonshine

Schnaps and liquor originally bottled in American Mason Jars in 5 flavors.

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Orrington Ventures

Urban last-mile delivery solution

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OURZ is developing a decentralised supply chain intelligence system to manage the food supply of the future.

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Prima Klima Foods

Development and production of vegetable meat substitutes on peas, kichet peas and beans. Co2 positive produktion with digitally controlled produktion in NRW.

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Performance Nutrition for endurance, strength and concentration.

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Chilled, ready-made, 100% natural, yummy salad dressings. Fresh. Natural. Tasty.

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Shanghai Mate

Shanghai Mate is a healthy energy drink made from freshly brewed mate, sweetened with stevia and lots of natural caffeine.

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Sweet Dreams, Happy Days!

We are Snoooze, a young, rapidly growing company with offices in Salzburg and Berlin. With our natural sleep and relaxation teas, we help our customers to better fall asleep and sleep through the night. Because good sleep is essential for our health, concentration and performance.

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We believe that salads, vegetables and much more deserve more than just dressings or sauces. We want to break down all taste barriers and believe in the power of inspiring, surprising pleasure experiences, without any conventions but with the best organic ingredients.
Our Clean Label organic dressings and toppings are very different, very good for much more than just salad.

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Spooning Cookie Dough

With Spooning Cookie Dough you can finally have a little bit of cookie sweets at home anytime.

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Spoons of Taste

At Spoons of Taste, we are passionate about creating indulgent treats made with just a few simple and nutritious ingredients that can be enjoyed on-the-go by EVERYONE .
Our FEEL GOOD bites are gluten free, dairy free, nut free, vegan and contain no soya, GMO’s or added sugars!

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Natural and organic iced tea without calories.

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Our technology generates a unique Instore Radio for each store in real time, based on local parameters such as weather or number of customers. This creates a store-specific communication channel that demonstrably increases sales.

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Terreco converts farms to organic agriculture

The Collective

-Visual content - videos and photos -image films, products, events, food & beverages
-branding 360 - creative - design - image - copy-writing - merchandising
-digital - social media - campaigns - workshops - content
-PR - prints - magazines - digital magazines - bloggers and influencers - content

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The Nu Company

Chocolate with inner values.

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The Poutine Kitchen

Original Canadian street food.

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Treehouse smoothies

Treehouse smoothies UG is a company specialized in products consider as superfoods with high nutritional content such as Fruit pulps, powder, sweeteners and more.

We work side by side with our partner to provide the best service and to inform our costumers about the latest trends on healthy, fresh and tasty products on the market.

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Handmade Raw Petits & DATYS seduce connoisseurs: whether vegan, "Free from" or all-eater. Healthy and delicious desserts for everybody's taste.

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Vagabund Brauerei GmbH

Vagabund is a Berlin-based craft beer startup on a mission to reinvent the great brewing traditions of Germany and the US. We have been recognized as not only one of the first craft breweries in Berlin, but also one of its best. Ratebeer listed Vagabund as Berlin’s best brewery in 2015 and our Taproom is continually mentioned on top lists of Berlin Bars and Brewpubs from Thrillist, Lonely Planet, Slow Travel, The New York Times 36hrs and RateBeer.

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Vertical Food

Vertical Food is a VC funded online food delivery startup specializing in the preparation and delivery of high quality meals. With its own production kitchens in the heart of Berlin and in collaboration with renowned food chefs, Vertical Food develops creative dishes for its online brands and delivers them to the customer.

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The healthiest plantbased milk alternative.

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Founded in 2017, Wasteless is helping supermarkets and the planet fight one of their biggest problems — food waste.

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The real Bolivian coca leaf drink.

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We offer organic superfoods to simplify and beautify your life.

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Spicy, unadulterated snack based on real and healthy ingredients.

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Wundererde GmbH
Wundererde is your universal soil with plant charcoal for more growth and easier maintenance. Each pack of Wundererde stores over 3 kg of CO2 in the soil and thus actively contributes to climate protection.

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x2 solutions Deutschland GmbH

Technologies developed with retail for retail.

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YFood is a complete balanced meal in beverage form that contains all the nutrients the body needs.

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We produce premium Dim Sum and Dim Sum sauces for commerce and gastronomy. Our food is without sugar, MSG, preservatives and artificial additives.

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Desserts & yogurts - plant based, max. 1.5g of sugar, but most importantly super delicious.

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Food Academy Partners


Advanon is a fast, easy and flexible alternative to factoring.

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Andersen Marketing

Business consulting for startups and SMEs.

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Berlin Concept Partners

Partners in Concept Solutions.

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Berlin Food Week

The Berlin Food Week is Germany's most diverse food festival.

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BITHOUSEGROUP is a global technology and startup scouting company.

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BRAINEFFECT develops high quality nutritional supplements to increase concentration and mental performance.

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Bräugier Craftbier

No hype No compromise Only fully flavored beers stored and delivered cold for maximum taste and freshness.

Visit Webpage of Bräugier Craftbier

Caras Gourmet

We sell handmade, healthy and delicious food and great drinks at 4 locations in Berlin.

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Our goal is to be the most trusted partner in agriculture, food and nutrition.

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We enable representative surveys on the Internet.

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CodeCheck - check products and shop healthily - test, evaluation and price comparison.

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DÄRI Food Lab

Frozen yogurt. From own production.

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Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero is the world's leading online grocery delivery and delivery marketplace in over 40 countries.

Visit Webpage of Delivery Hero

Fraunhofer EMB

Fraunhofer Institute for Marine Biotechnology and Cell Technology EMB.

Visit Webpage of Fraunhofer EMB

GK Software SE

GK Software SE specializes in software solutions and services for operating the branches of large retailers.

Visit Webpage of GK Software SE

Good Bank

Welcome to the farm of the future. Green vegetables, harvested with love in front of your eyes, directly in Berlin Mitte!

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In our drinks is nothing in it, which does not belong purely: no color or preservatives and hardly any sugar.

Visit Webpage of gu&wa


HUUBERT is a fresh wine spritzer, which tastes great, is ideal for on the way, but also finds its place in clubs and bars.

Visit Webpage of HUUBERT

JvM Academy

The JvM Academy is the training center of Jung von Matt and the Good School.

Visit Webpage of JvM Academy


Tasty organic drinking chocolates that wake up.

Visit Webpage of koakult


We give brands an identity.

Visit Webpage of KONVOI


KSP has been active in civil and commercial law for more than 50 years.

Visit Webpage of KSP


We consume varietal apple juice! Boskoop, Elstar, Holsteiner Cox - every apple variety with love for itself!

Visit Webpage of leev

Macquarie Capital

Global focus in M ​​& A Advisory, Debt and Equity Capital Markets and Principal Investments.

Visit Webpage of Macquarie Capital

Marley Spoon

Delicious recipes & fresh ingredients directly to your home.

Visit Webpage of Marley Spoon


MediaCom is the leading media agency in Germany and optimizes the communication of over 800 brands as 'Content & Connections Agency'.

Visit Webpage of MediaCom


We are at your side in all phases of parenthood, providing you with useful tips and information on important maternal, maternal and nutritional topics.

Visit Webpage of Milupa


POSpulse is a crowd-based shopper insights intelligence firm.

Visit Webpage of POSpulse

Rawster Food

Pure unprocessed raw food plant powder.

Visit Webpage of Rawster Food


Best freshness and quality out of tradition. Under this premise, the family-owned company can look back on more than 100 years of very successful history.

Visit Webpage of Sauels


The virtual canteen for happy teams.

Visit Webpage of Smunch


The SODA Group is one of the top addresses for concept development, interior design, gastronomy and kitchen planning as well as economic and operational consulting in the entire catering and out-of-home market.

Visit Webpage of SODA

T-Systems International GmbH

As one of the world's leading ICT service providers, T-Systems offers business customers integrated fixed and mobile solutions, high-security data centers and a unique cloud ecosystem of standardized platforms and global partnerships.

Visit Webpage of T-Systems International GmbH


bilacon is part of the Tentamus Group with a global network for laboratory analysis, food hygiene and process management with more than 250 employees. For start-ups in particular, they offer TentaStart testing packages as part of their program to help you safely bring your products to market. In addition, they offer an individual initial consultation in which experts provide practical and comprehensive information about the "must haves".

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DISCOVER GOOD FOOD. I'd like to share with you my knowledge of and curiosity for creating gorgeous, interesting, exciting, fun and healthy eating.

Visit Webpage of THE FOOD AGENCY

The Poutine Kitchen

Original Canadian street food.

Visit Webpage of The Poutine Kitchen

The Science Kitchen

A food lab in Berlin, where science and technology meet haute cuisine.

Visit Webpage of The Science Kitchen


Tasting kits by TRY FOODS are tastings for the home. Get to know high quality food.

Visit Webpage of TRY FOODS


WallDecaux is an international company specializing in outdoor advertising and street furniture for outdoor advertising.

Visit Webpage of WallDecaux

William Grant & Sons

William Grant & Sons Ltd. is an independent Scottish family business that distils Scotch Whiskey and other select spirits.

Visit Webpage of William Grant & Sons


Founded in Berlin in 2008, Zalando SE is Europe's leading online fashion platform, connecting customers, brands and partners.

Visit Webpage of Zalando

Corporate Partners

Atlantic Food Labs

The place where new food and health companies emerge.

Visit Webpage of Atlantic Food Labs

Bison Deutschland

Business software for medium-sized businesses.

Visit Webpage of Bison Deutschland


We set international standards in the field of weighing, cutting and marking technology. Since 1866.

Visit Webpage of Bizerba

Bosch Software Innovations GmbH

Bosch Software Innovations actively shapes the Internet of Things.

Visit Webpage of Bosch Software Innovations GmbH

BT Stemmer

BT Stemmer manages the planning, implementation and operation of IT projects related to IT, data center, UCC and security.

Visit Webpage of BT Stemmer

CHEP Germany

CHEP is a global provider of supply chain solutions for consumer goods, fresh food, beverages, manufacturing and retail in over 60 countries. CHEP offers a wide range of logistics and operations platforms and support services designed to increase performance and reduce risk while improving environmental sustainability. CHEP's more than 12,500 employees and approximately 300 million reusable pallets and containers provide coverage, exceptional value and support for more than 500,000 customer contact points for global brands.

Visit Webpage of CHEP Germany


With over 45,000 employees, Eurofins is a global leader in Testing for Life and over the last 20 years has been one of the fastest growing companies in the world, thanks to innovation in technology and service. They are the global market leader in environmental, food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics testing as well as in agro-sciences CRO (Contract Research Organization) services.

Visit Webpage of eurofins

ITAB Germany

ITAB is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of shop concepts, checkouts, lighting, fixtures and fittings and shop equipment.

Visit Webpage of ITAB Germany

Martin Bauer Group

The Martin Bauer Group is one of the largest suppliers of botanical solutions for the food, tea, beverage and animal nutrition industries. Our products are based on responsibly sourced, high-quality botanical raw material. With a portfolio of over 200 plants and 90 years of experience, we provide off-the-shelf and tailor-made botanical solutions for various applications.

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Global supplier of measurement and precision instruments for industry, laboratories and retail. Discover our high end products, services and solutions.

Visit Webpage of Mettler-Toledo


The M & M Werbeagentur GmbH is an international service provider in the areas of prepaid and gift cards.

Visit Webpage of M&M-Werbeagentur

Philips DACH

The Philips GmbH Market DACH is one of the largest and most profitable subsidiaries of Royal Philips - a global company for health and well-being.

Visit Webpage of Philips DACH

Zebra Technologies Germany

Zebra builds enterprise-level data capture and automatic identification solutions that provide businesses with operational visibility.

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We close the gap between Enterprise IT and New Technologies.

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