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It’s right here at the Food Academy where the ideas of the future are being shaped. Here you will obtain the right know-how to elevate your business on the path to success. Dedicated and experienced mentors will help your product succeed and even become the next top seller.
Every young company benefits from the advice of a mentor. Providing support for ideas and products along the way of development, optimisation and realisation is what drives our mentoring program. That’s how we create new horizons together in a sustainable way.

„Food Tech Campus helps support innovative food concepts and to establish them in retailing. This is how daring founders and the great Campus team make Germany’s shelves more colourful. We absolutely would have needed such a network when we started 5 years ago.“

Heiko Butz · Founder Koawach

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  • Grow your own food / food tech network
  • Get to know interesting entrepreneurs while working hand in hand with them
  • Discover new business models and strengthen your brand
  • Generate new leads in your business area
  • Use Food Tech Campus for co-working and co-learning
  • Bank some good karma for sharing your expertise