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It’s right here at the Food Academy where the ideas of the future are being shaped. Here you will obtain the right know-how to elevate your business on the path to success. Dedicated and experienced mentors will help your product succeed and even become the next top seller.

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Do you need advice for your food business regarding financing, quality assurance or logistics? Our industry experts provide you with valuable information straight out of food retail.

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Pitch Perfect

Analyse your sales pitch with our professional coaches and lay the foundation for your success. A perfect pitch can see your product on the shelves of many merchants. That’s why at the Food Academy you’ll gain the knowledge, support and framework for a professional presentation of your product to influential merchants.

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Testing Panel

Whether it’s a food technologist, chef, packaging expert, buyer or quality assurance manager’s advice you need – all our specialists experts in their field. You can have the opportunity to meet them, learn from their expertise to make your product more marketable and competitive.

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Incubate 100

This is where ideas and products are put on the road to success. Implement a new app idea, develop new hardware or expand the product range – you bring us your 100-day challenge for food or retail tech. We work with you to develop the roadmap and provide you with our experienced mentors and entrepreneurs to help you achieve not only rapid but also the best progress.

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Product Fit

3, 2, 1, on the shelf! How better can you test your product than with the customers you want to reach? With a trial run in selected EDEKA stores, discover issues that need to be addressed to fine tune your product offering. Will it be stronger packaging or adjustment of pricing? Let’s find out.